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Brilliant Evolutionary Beads Lv. 50

All the living creatures that were created by the Cube of Gaia have a notch. This potential, when powered by evolutionary beads, can unleash powerful strength. The key material for an Eidolon's Three-Star Level Evolution. When the Eidolon reaches Three Stars, it will gain a different appearance. Eidolons who can be evolved into Three-Star Level: <Eternal Youth> Serif <Cheery Sylph> Merrilee <Daring Dragon> Grimm <Regal Unicorn> Alessa <Heavenly Defender> Uzuriel <Emerald Tempest> Yarnaros <Infernal Efreet> Zaahir <Nine-Tailed Vixen> Kotonoha <Knight of the Sun> Aelius <Stormbringer> Vayu <Iron Titan> Gigas <Duke of Darkness> Eligos <Empress of Torment> Bel-Chandra <Silent Assassin> Tsubaki <Champion of the Slain> Sigrun <Great Leviathan> Nazrudin <Feline Emperor> Tigerius Caesar <Trampling Thunder> Bahadur <Phoenix Enchantress> Vermilion <Panther Pharaoh> Cleopawtra

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