Basic Information

Spirit of the Sword
Spirit of the Sword
Name: Kusanagi Base Level: 25
  • Dmg: A
  • Crit: B
  • Spd: C+
  • HP: B
  • Def: C+
  • Eva: B
Kusanagi is the sword spirit of the creator god Amaterasu. Legend says that whoever obtains her will conquer all things under heaven. Amaterasu sent Kusanagi to Terra to help those who would seek to save the world. Kusanagi transformed herself into a sword spirit with a tremendous appitude for battle. She can carry out storm attacks on large numbers of enemies. When rallying together with an Envoy of Gaia, she can launch a destructive laser cannon attack over a broad area. A deep-seated confidence (some would say overconfidence) spurs her to challenge formidable opponents, because she knows that each battle will only make her stronger.

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1 and 2nd-Star


Absolute Headshot Absolute Headshot Cooldown 0.0 seconds
Kusanagi sends out her remote-controlled weapons and rains down attacks on the enemies, inflicting Lightning damage.
Infusion of Lightning Infusion of Lightning Cooldown 0.0 seconds
Kusanagi extends her wings wide and radiates electricity, increasing her team members' ability to inflict damage.
Thunderous Sanction Thunderous Sanction Cooldown 0.0 seconds
Kusanagi sends out her remote-controlled weapons to form a high-voltage electromagnetic field, dealing Lightning Damage to targets and enemies near it.

Evolution Items

2nd Star Evolution

Required Item Amount
Small Experience Crystal 30
Symbol of Thunder 4
Kusanagi's Key of Gaia 1

3rd Star Evolution

3rd-Star evolution is not available for this eidolon.

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