Basic Information

Lady of Evening Snow
Lady of Evening Snow
Name: Shirayuki Base Level: 25
  • Dmg: B+
  • Crit: C+
  • Spd: B
  • HP: B+
  • Def: B
  • Eva: C+
With an impeccable sense of manners and propriety, elegant beauty that holds the gaze of men and women alike, and great skill in poetry and music, Shirayuki has captured the hearts of all in the wintry realm from which she hails. Will those in the mortal realm appreciate her exacting aesthetic tastes? Able to manipulate snow and ice at her whim, she uses her harsh assault to wear enemies down, but her skill as an entertainer also allows her to bolster the power of her allies. Naturally, Shirayuki finds this elegant balance between offense and defense the most fitting.

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Eidolon Animation *credit to gametsg*


Withering Snow Withering Snow Cooldown 1.0 seconds
Shirayuki coalesces the frigid air into a barrage of snowflakes that blast into her foes, dealing huge Ice damage as well as additional damage over time.
Gentle Snowfall Gentle Snowfall Cooldown 0.0 seconds
Shirayuki performs a cleansing dance on top of a drift of pure, fallen snow, restoring health to her allies and increasing their DMG for a while.
Whiteout Whiteout Cooldown 0.0 seconds
All of the might of winter is collected in Shirayuki's delicate palm and is released, devastating every enemy in range for massive Ice damage as well as freezing them in place.

Evolution Items

2nd Star Evolution

Required Item Amount
Small Experience Crystal 30
Symbol of Ice 4
Shirayuki's Key of Gaia 1

3rd Star Evolution

3rd-Star evolution is not available for this eidolon.

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