Basic Information

Moonlight Maiden
Moonlight Maiden
Name: Serena Base Level: 25
  • Dmg: C+
  • Crit: C+
  • Spd: B
  • HP: B
  • Def: A
  • Eva: B
Serena travels the night sky on her giant moon, sketching the world as she sees it below. She is the sister of the Eidolon Aelius, but their relations seem to be on rocky ground. Nevertheless, her lunar magic always shines bright to illuminate allies' way to victory.

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Eidolon Animation *credit to gametsg*


Falling Star Falling Star Cooldown 1.0 seconds
Serena plucks a star from the sky and hurls it at her foes, dealing Holy damage and causing further damage over time.
Lunar Blessing Lunar Blessing Cooldown 0.0 seconds
Serena calls upon the power of the moon to defend and heal nearby allies.
Binding Moonlight Binding Moonlight Cooldown 0.0 seconds
Serena directs moonlight onto the enemy, dealing Holy damage and locking away it's ability to be healed.

Evolution Items

2nd Star Evolution

Required Item Amount
Small Experience Crystal 30
Symbol of Light 4
Serena's Key of Gaia 1

3rd Star Evolution

3rd-Star evolution is not available for this eidolon.

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