Basic Information

Demon Temptress
Demon Temptress
Name: Tanith Base Level: 25
  • Dmg: C+
  • Crit: C+
  • Spd: B
  • HP: A
  • Def: B
  • Eva: B
A demon warrior from Pandemonium, Tanith finds beauty and liberty in satiating one's own desires. She crossed over to help humans free their hearts from rigid moral codes, promising to show them the pleasure of frenzied battle, and a few other things besides.

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1 and 2nd-Star


Murder of Crows Murder of Crows Cooldown 0.0 seconds
Tanith uses Crimson Crows to carry out a ruthless chain of thrusts, piercing the target, dealing Dark damage, decreasing DEF, and generating huge amounts of Malice.
Demonic Crows Demonic Crows Cooldown 0.0 seconds
Tanith turns her flock into Demonic Crows and sends them to tear into the enemy, dealing Dark damage and additional damage over time.
Boldness Boldness Cooldown 0.0 seconds
Tanith flaunts her arrogant aura, ordering Crimson Crows to circle, and lowering any damage received by party members in range.

Evolution Items

2nd Star Evolution

Required Item Amount
Small Experience Crystal 30
Symbol of Darkness 4
Tanith's Key of Gaia 1

3rd Star Evolution

3rd-Star evolution is not available for this eidolon.

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