Basic Information

Knight of the Sun
Knight of the Sun
Name: Aelius Base Level: 25
  • Dmg: B
  • Crit: C+
  • Spd: A
  • HP: B
  • Def: C+
  • Eva: B
A mysterious hooded knight emblazoned with the sun's crest, Aelius brings to bear his shining power to defend his allies with shields of pure light and incinerate the enemies before him with prominences of intense solar heat.

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1 and 2nd-Star

3rd-Star Evolution
Eidolon Animation *credit to gametsg*


They Just Don They Just Don't Get It Cooldown 1.0 seconds
Aelius recites a melodious poem, binding it with mystical fire to scorch foes with Flame damage and slow them.
Portable Sunlight Portable Sunlight Cooldown 0.0 seconds
Aelius creates a miniature sun, whose warm light recovers nearby party members' health and removes one negative status.
Photosynthesis Photosynthesis Cooldown 0.0 seconds
Aelius absorbs a vast amount of sunlight, fashioning it into a solar shield that decreases the CRIT damage received by allies within range.

Evolution Items

2nd Star Evolution

Required Item Amount
Small Experience Crystal 30
Symbol of Flame 4
Aelius's Key of Gaia 1

3rd Star Evolution

Required Item Amount
Aelius's Key of Gaia 1
Brilliant Evolutionary Beads 1

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